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17 May 2017 
The Moe show is a children's television programme in New Zealand. They filmed an episode at our nursery which aired in May 2016 (see: "Florist" Series 1, Episode 48). The crew put together this webisode of what goes on inside our rose nursery. This video features the Van Lier team picking, grading, bunching and packaging our rose products.

Van Lier Nurseries on The Moe Show's webisode

  28 November 2016 
'The girls go all teary-eyed' - meet the male rose grower bucking gender stereotypes
Harry Van Lier was featured on Tv1's current affairs programme, Seven Sharp. He talks about the day-to-day operations of a flower grower and gives tips on prolonging the vase life of cut flowers and insights into the flower gifting culture in New Zealand. At the end, Mike Hosking and Toni Street even share their thoughts about the local flower industry.
Harry on TV1's Seven Sharp

  28 November 2016 
NZ: "Only the best quality makes it to market"

Van Lier Nurseries has been known for producing the finest cut roses in New Zealand since 1967. This article talks about how the quality of our other cut flower product lines, such as our alstroemeria, are at par with that of our cut roses. 

  24 November 2016
An Interview with a Grower - VAN LIER NURSERIES
The National Flower Promotion Group (NFPG) interviewed Theo Van Lier for the first ever New Zealand Flowers Week held in 2016. During that year, Van Lier Nurseries was chosen as their featured alstroemeria grower, something that many people may not have known because roses are our core product. Here Theo talks about the company's humble beginnings, some of the processes involved with growing flowers, the benefits of supporting NZ grown flowers and the plant propagation side of the business. They also took photos around our nurseries in Riverhead and Massey (click here to view)

Van Lier46-medium-962
Theo picking hellebores


  22 May 2016
The Moe Show, a NZ children's television programme, filmed an episode at Van Lier Nurseries. In this episode, Moe learns about all the steps involved in creating those flower bouquets you see in a florist's shop. Moe visits Van Lier Nurseries where he has a conversation with our crop manager Matt. He learns about how roses are picked and gets to see our bunching machines in action!
Moe interviewing Matt, our rose crop manager
  22 September 2015
Flower dumping is threatening New Zealand's rose growers
In recent years, competing with cut flower imports from Colombia and India has always been a major challenge experienced by local growers. Cut roses from India were being brought into the country and sold at prices that were 20-50% lower than the cost to grow them. Joanne Hurley of Van Lier Nurseries mentioned the impact this has on the industry which can be seen with number of flower growers closing their business.


The dumping of Indian roses have led florists in the Wairarapa region to support NZ flower growers. The florists interviewed said that they would always choose product quality over low price as well as the value of endorsing NZ grown product.

  24 February 2015
NZ Cut Flower Association Committee changes

The New Zealand Flower Growers Association AGM held in Christchurch where a "core of industry volunteers accepted responsibility for key portfolios as part of the industry action plan."
  4 February 2014
Introducing the Flower Growers Association

"The AGM in 2013 saw a new committee step up to the plate and the return of some industry experience to help move the NZFGA forward. "
Joanne and Theo are both members of the
NZ Flower Growers Association
Our glasshouse was transformed into a fashion runway by NZ womenswear brand Glassons back in 2013. Top bloggers and social media influencers  sat and watched as models showcased the brand's rose-inspired 'STAND OUT' collection while Kiwi bands The Checks and Rackets performed their hits.
Glassons STAND OUT Rose Factory Show

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