All of our flowers are available all year around, due to being in glasshouses or plastic houses where we control the conditions. However, please note that we receive less production during the colder winter months.

Gypsophila, Limonoium, and Solidago do grow all year around, but are a flush or bust crop - meaning we often have lots of it or nothing at all. We try our best to foresee this and we try not to take orders when we aren't going to have any available. However, if you have placed anything on order and we aren't able to fulfill it, we will let you know as early as we can.

Our flowers are grown using Agri-chemicals and do not meet food grade standards. We do not recommend consumption of any part of the flowers.

10 stems per bunch
Standard and Premium Roses, David Austin Roses

5 stems per bunch
Spray Roses, Alstroemeria, Florinca, Pazival, Helleborus, Solidago

NB: Standard roses grown as Spray roses are 3 stem bunches. Such as Grace, Paloma, and Faith.

Sold by the bunch
Gypsophila, Limonium

We have two predominant pricing periods throughout the year - Summer & Winter. Among these two price lists, we do have special price lists for peak periods, namely - Christmas, Mother's Day & Valentine's Day. All price lists are emailed out to all customers before they come into effect.

We pride ourselves on the high quality & freshness of our product, so if you aren't happy with them, neither are we! In the very rare occasion that you aren't happy with our flowers, simply send us an email within 48 hours of receiving your flowers, with photos of the affected product for us to discuss.

Do you have any other questions that we were not able to answer here? Please send us an email or phone us at 09 412 2664.

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Van Lier Nurseries is a family-owned commercial cut flower growing business since 1967. We grow the largest range of premium quality rose varieties and sell directly to florists, flower wholesalers and related businesses nationwide. With over 50 years experience in the industry, we offer New Zealand’s most comprehensive knowledge base on cut flower propagation and have been supplying many of the country's commercial cut flower growers.  
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