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Van Lier Nurseries grow a range of Garden roses & is the sole grower of David Austin Cut Roses in New Zealand. Available all year round!

For centuries, the rose has been considered the ultimate symbol of love and romance. David Austin's luxury cut garden roses, with their natural old-world charm are some of today's most romantic and desirable flowers. Over fifteen years ago, David Austin embarked upon a completely new and exciting breeding program, designed to transform our expectations of luxury cut flowers. The current collection combines all the beauty and charm of David Austin's garden roses with the year-round availability of modern roses. These roses have quickly become some of the most highly desired flowers in the world.

David Austin's Cut Roses gradually develop from buds into large, perfectly formed blooms, packed with many delicately furled petals. When fully open, the cupped or rosette flower forms are truly spectacular. These versatile roses can be used in almost every way you can imagine!
Juliet Northern Lights

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About Van Lier Nurseries
Van Lier Nurseries is a family-owned commercial cut flower growing business since 1967. We grow the largest range of premium quality rose varieties and sell directly to florists, flower wholesalers and related businesses nationwide. With over 50 years experience in the industry, we offer New Zealand’s most comprehensive knowledge base on cut flower propagation and have been supplying many of the country's commercial cut flower growers.  
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