Yes! You are more than welcome to save on freighting costs and pick up your indoor plants, or flower orders from our Riverhead Branch (241 Riverhead Road, Riverhead). We are open for collection on Monday - Friday between 8AM to 4PM.

Our same-day delivery service is available Monday to Wednesday for customers located in Auckland CBD, West Auckland and North Shore. Your order is sent with our private delivery company for a cost of $14.00 freight, plus a $6.00 pack handling fee, per box. All orders need to be submitted by 4pm the day before dispatch to be eligible for this service.

For our Auckland customers in East Auckland, South Auckland and outer Auckland regions who require same day delivery, orders can be dispatched with Premier if received before 12pm the day of dispatch. The costs for this service is $25.00 freight, plus a $6.00 pack handling fee, per box.

Alternatively, all deliveries can go on our overnight delivery service with Aramex couriers at a cost of $12.00 per box.

All out of Auckland deliveries are sent on an overnight delivery service with Aramex couriers. These leave from us at about 2pm and are delivered the next day. An email is sent to you from Aramex, with tracking information. Whilst Aramex cannot guarantee a delivery time, as it depends on their run for the day, they do try and deliver to all business addresses first. Freight pricing is dependent on your location and may depend on the box size required for your order.

For Short Haul delivery (Whangarei – Rotorua/Whakatane), all box sizes are $15.00 each.

For Long Haul delivery (Rest of the North Island), all box sizes are $18.00 each.

For South Island delivery, small boxes are $25.00 each, medium boxes are $35.00, and large boxes are $45.00.

Depending on your location you may be eligible to receive an order via Aramex for a Saturday delivery. It does have an extra cost of $6.00 , on top of the standard freight charges, for this service. If you require a Saturday delivery but are unsure as to whether you qualify, give us a call on (09) 412 2664, and we can let you know.

We know how important it is to our customers to ensure they are maximising the spread of freighting costs. Each of our box sizes fit an approximate number of flowers, although it is always dependent on the length and variety of flowers ordered. Alternatively, we have designed a code called ‘Top up your box’. When you use this code in your order, we will fill your box with Assorted Roses of your selected length to fill your box.

Small boxes fit approximately 8 bunches.

Medium boxes fit approximately 20 bunches.

Large boxes fit approximately 30 bunches.

Plants sold in our 14cm nursery pots are sold in box quantities of 9. Plants sold in our 20cm nursery pots are sold in quantities of 5. Plants sold in our 17cm hanging nursery pots are sold in quantities of 5. You are welcome to mix and match the different plant varieties within the one box as long as the pot sizes are the same.

Ceramics are sold in units of 3. Each unit reflects one style and colour of pots. Ceramics can be dispatched in quantities of 9 (3 x 3 units) or 18 (6 x 3 units) per box. Alternatively, we can pair 9 x 14cm pot plants and 3 units (9 pots) of ceramics together in one box helping you to save spread your freighting costs further. Feel free to mix and match the different units of ceramic styles and colours to create variety in your stock.

Freight costs are as follows;

For a box of 3x3 ceramic units; Auckland $8.00 | Short Haul (Whangarei to Rotorua/Whakatane)$14.00| Long Haul (All other North Island destinations) $17.00 | South Island $28.00 |

For a box of 3x6 ceramic units; Auckland $12.00| Short Haul (Whangarei to Rotorua/Whakatane) $16.00 | Long Haul (All other North Island destinations) $22.00 | South Island $42.00 |

For Auckland delivery (All regions) freight is $12.00 per box .

For Short Haul delivery (Whangarei to Rotorua/Whakatane) freight is $16.00 per box.

For Long Haul delivery (Rest of North Island) freight is $22.00 per box.

For South Island delivery freight is $42.00 per box.

When plants are of a taller grade they are still sold in box quantities and boxed to protect the foliage, but the box lid is left open. This is then sent via a freighting company such as Transflora, Rockeater, Headfords or an alternative large plant freighting company whom you have an account with. Where possible we will book your order onto your account with your preferred supplier as specified. The latest trade list will state which plants require freighting company dispatch.

Do you have any other questions that we were not able to answer here? Please send us an email or phone us at 09 412 2664.

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