Van Lier Nurseries act as an agent for Hilverda Kooij and Royal Van Zanten Alstroemeria plants. The available varieties can be viewed by clicking on the breeder below:
Hilverda Kooij 2 Royal Van Zanten

Alstroemeria plants are delivered to the grower in 9cm pots. 

The cost of Hilverda Kooij varieties is $20 (NZ) plus gst and is billed to the grower by Van Lier Nurseries.  This price includes a five year royalty which allows the grower to pick from the plants for five years.  A deposit of 50% is required on Hilverda Kooij plants at the time the order is placed. If there is a significant fluctuation in exchange rate, Van Lier Nurseries reserves the right to adjust the price accordingly.

The cost of Royal Van Zanten varieties is €9.30 and is billed to the grower directly by Royal Van Zanten. This price includes a five year royalty which allows the grower to pick from the plants for five years.  

Both Hilverda Kooij and Royal Van Zanten now offer a three year royalty period. For this reduced period the cost of the plant and royalty is NZ $16.70 plus gst and €7.75 respectively. For additional years the plants will be grown there is a surcharge of €1.00 per plant per year.
Varieties are dependent on availability from Holland. The minimum consolidated order is 1000 plants, 50 plants per variety.

We plan the import of Alstroemeria for Week 24 (mid June). The propagation period is 12 to 14  weeks. Forward planning is very important to secure the varieties that you want.

Plants are planted at the rate of 4-5 per bed metre and the expected production is approximately  200 stems per square metre. Plants are usually kept in for five years.

Disclaimer: Due to contracts and royalties the sale of this plant is strictly limited to New Zealand Commercial Cut Flower Growers. Under no circumstances are we able to sell these items individually, or in bulk, to those who do not fit the above category.

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