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The National Flower Promotion Group (NFPG) interviewed Theo Van Lier for the 2016 New Zealand Flowers Week (NFW). They also took photos around our nurseries in Riverhead and Massey (click here to view)
Harry Van Lier's interview on TV1 programme Seven Sharp 

Van Lier46-medium-962
Theo picking hellebores


Joanne and Theo are both members of the
NZ Flower Growers Association
Harry Van Lier's interview on TV1 programme Seven Sharp 
The Moe Show, a TVNZ children's programme, filmed an episode at Van Lier Nurseries. They even got our rose crop manager Matt to act alongside Moe!
The Moe Show crew put together this webisode of what goes on inside our rose nursery. This video features the Van Lier team picking, grading, bunching and packaging our rose products.


Harry on TV1's Seven Sharp

Our glasshouse was transformed into a fashion runway by NZ womenswear brand Glassons back in 2013.
Glassons STAND OUT Rose Factory Show

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