Zanzibar Gem

 The indestructible plant that thrives on neglect!

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If you have been searching for a great indoor plant that not only looks great, but needs only minimal care, then our brand new Zanzibar Gem™ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) could be just what you are looking for. Available for the first time in New Zealand, you can enjoy all the benefits of having a beautiful ornamental plant, without all the hassle of constant maintenance.

A plant of distinguished features, the Zanzibar Gem™ stands out from its counterparts with its unique spiral structure and high gloss, deep green foliage, that grows 60-90cm tall. Awarded House Plant of the Year, the Zanzibar Gem™ is resilient against drought, neglect, dry air, low light and bugs! Impressively, the Zanzibar Gem™ also acts as a bio-filtration system that works to purify the air. This makes it extremely appealing for office environments, retail complexes, retirement centres, hospitals, schools and homes.


Important Benefits

Resilient Against Pests

Zanzibar Gem™ plants are not known to be subject to insect pests or plant diseases. 

Requires Minimal Watering
These plants will continue to survive, even if you forget to water them for months at a time! The Zanzibar Gem™ prefers to be on the dry side and too much watering can result in the leaves turning yellow. The plants have potato-like tubers under the soil which store the water and allows the plant to survive extremely long periods without a drink. Watering once a month is plenty.

Tolerates Low Light Levels
The Zanzibar Gem™ is perfectly at home in low light situations. Although if you would like it to continue to grow it is best placed in bright, indirect light.

Purifies the Air
The amazing bio-filtration system Zanzibar Gems™ create through their root-zone can reduce air pollutants by up to 80%! Research has shown the use of Zanzibar Gems™ as an adaptive, self-regulating, portable, low-cost and sustainable filtration system for improving indoor air quality. 

Turn your brown thumbs green again, order a Zanzibar Gem Today!

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* FREE DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE NORTH ISLAND WIDE (excluding rural addresses). $20 surcharge is applicable to South Island deliveries. If you are unsure please contact us to confirm the availability of delivery to your address. 

** For wholesale/bulk orders please contact us on 09 412 2664 or


Tips for Caring for your Zanzibar Gem Plant


  • Choose an indoor spot that is not in direct sunlight - the plant does best in partial or filtered sun. The Zanzibar Gem™ will survive in the dark but it won't continue to grow.
  • Allow the plant to dry out well between watering. Watering once a month is plenty. 
  • Water less frequently in winter.
  • Don't use leaf shiners, as the leaves are naturally shiny and do not like chemicals. If necessary, wipe them with a damp cloth
  • Make sure that the pot and soil you use have good drainage.
  • Add a slow release fertilizer to the pot during spring for the best results.
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